ProCredit Bank specialises in banking services for very small, small and medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs. We offer complete banking services and personalised support from one of your dedicated banking advisers . We can help you plan improvements and develop your business, from simple day-to-day operations, salary payments , domestic and international transfers and convenient deposit facilities to lending support and responsible financing.

ProCredit Bank is also a “house bank”, which means we offer services for your enterprise and for your personal banking needs. That means that you can manage your and your family’s accounts and savings in the same bank, conveniently, efficiently and with a high level of service.

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  • USD 48.50 49.8368 50.50
  • CHF 51.20 52.6166 53.80
  • GBP 68.45 69.5113 70.85
  • CNY 6.05 7.8885 8.05