Those who regularly follow the status of their account save more money and spend more responsibly.
In order to manage your finances more easily and more quickly, ProCredit Bank offers e-banking.

What are the benefits of e-banking?

  • Access information about your account wherever you are, whenever you want
  • Make payments within the bank, to other banks, make payments to public institutions with 50% lower fees than at the branch
  • Make international payments
  • Group payment file (more payments at a time)
  • Payments for bills
  • Excange operations
  • E-mail notifications from the bank
  • Transfers from the consumer overdraft
  • The electronic certificat can be installed to more than one computer
  • Save the time - no more waiting in line at the branch

In order to use e-banking you need?

  • A personal computer
  • Internet access

How to apply for e-banking?

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