Your current account is the main account for the inflow and outflow of funds. Such an account gives you access to all services related to your current account.

What are the benefits of a ProCredit current account?

  • Receive your salary or other income
  • Use Visa and MasterCard international debit and credit cards at ProCredit Bank's network of ATMs in Macedonia and the region and make payments worldwide
  • Make and receive domestic and international payments
  • Pay your utility bills (telephone, electricity, water, heating, TV) simply through electronic banking service
  • Apply for a loan or consumer overdraft
  • Activate standing orders 
  • Receive professional advice from our dedicated Client Advisers who will help you manage your personal finances and find the best solution for your needs
  • 24/7 support from our Contact Centre: report a lost or stolen card, receive advice on payment types, as well as on all other ProCredit services

How to open a bank account at ProCredit Bank?

Make the most of your current account

  • EUR 61.35 61.5015 61.80
  • USD 51.55 52.4309 53.55
  • CHF 51.75 53.0872 54.35
  • GBP 69.10 70.1431 71.50
  • CNY 6.40 8.1922 8.40