Dear clients,

We would like to inform you that ProCredit Bank is modifying and updating the network of ATMs throughout the whole country. The ATMs will be positioned at more visible, attractive and accessible locations and will provide 24/7 surveillance for your security and safety. 
The ATMs have been placed on some of these locations (marked in green), and the rest are in the process of placement, which will last until New Year’s at the latest.
The locations of the new ATMs are:
At the same time, we will be withdrawing some of the existing ATMs and placing information at that location about the nearest available ATM. Have in mind that the ATMs that are in the following locations will be removed by New Year.
TC Biser
SP Market Kisela Voda - removed
Drachevo - removed
Leptokarija - removed
SP market Taftalidze - removed
SP Planet - removed
Markom - Aerodrom - removed
Dare Dzambaz - removed
Chento - removed
SP Market Avtokomanda - removed
Leontic - removed
Other cities:
Shtip – ‘Radolek’ Pharmacy - removed
Bitola - Clinical center  - removed
Probishtip - removed
Veles Academy  - removed
Clinical Center Bitola - removed
Shtul University Tetovo 
Tetovo Sedra
Struga - Intek - removed 
Ohrid, ‘Martina’ Flower Shop - removed
Kichevo - removed
Kochani - removed