Where does your savings go?

During the month of saving, the banks offer preferential deposit packages and higher interest rates for saving, in order to cumulate larger number of deposits from the population. However, do you ever wonder what happens with your savings deposed in bank and whether you have entrusted your money to a trustworthy institution?
As a German bank, which works in accordance with the principles of responsible banking, ProCredit Bank is starting an educational initiative in order to inform you what happens with your money, while you are not using them.
With term deposits in the bank, you receive interest, and the bank receives your money for a certain period. Those assets are not locked in safes, which would be inefficient, so they are used for placements in form of loans and investments for various purposes.
ProCredit is a development-oriented bank and the money that you will deposit with us are invested in developing the domestic economy. 95% of our credit portfolio is placed in business loans for small and middle enterprises in Macedonia, in investments for development of production companies, trade and energy-efficient projects and through that, we directly contribute for the growth of the business sector. 
For each approved loan, there is a detailed analysis of the business and the solvency of the enterprise that shall be credited. We do not credit risk investments, as well as projects that harm the environment, we do not invest in speculative actions and we do not finance political bodies in the country. Our credit portfolio has been improved several times in relation to the banking sector in Macedonia and we have only 2.37% non-functional loans. As a result of our low risk portfolio, we are a trustworthy choice for your savings. 
ProCredit Bank actively stimulates the saving culture and here you will not find complicated deposit products, which you do not understand how they function, and which are hard to compare with the other banks. We offer traditional and safe way of creating savings with transparent periods and clearly defined interest rates.
As a unique way of saving, we offer savings account, which provides access to your savings at any time, through card on ATM. You can deposit additional assets or withdraw from your savings whenever you need, and you will receive interest for the remaining amount on your savings account. We offer option for deposing your savings up to 5 years.
Your deposits support larger part of the credit portfolio of ProCredit Bank. In that way, your savings increase and at the same time, you contribute for developing the businesses in Macedonia.